ASSC College Peer Mentoring: get connected for success

Managing university studies can be daunting, but getting connected is a great way to set you up for success! When you start university, you may have a few questions about subjects, studying, assignments and a ton of other topics. Or maybe you’ve been at uni for a while and you want more information about online learning. Where can you go and who can you ask … Continue reading ASSC College Peer Mentoring: get connected for success

Online Orientation: a winning experience!

A new semester has started and La Trobe welcomes our many new students that are commencing courses to start the journey towards new directions! Like many aspects of life at the moment, Orientation was a little different, with the online space being activated to welcome students in line with social distancing restrictions. Our online Orientation included an Official Welcome from Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jessica Vanderlelie, … Continue reading Online Orientation: a winning experience!

Welcome to life at uni!

A new semester, new students: welcome back to life at uni! For a lot of people, university is the first step into independent, adult life. This can be a little scary; suddenly you’re responsible for your own decisions and you have to be organised enough to know what is happening, when it’s happening, and what you must do to be on top of things! Have no fear though; … Continue reading Welcome to life at uni!

New semester, new intern: Just getting started!

Hi everyone, my name is Kelsey and I am the new student intern here at the Wise ASSC blog! I can’t wait to get started and share my experiences. I am currently completing my third and final year of a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management, and I have absolutely loved my course so far! My road to university was a bit different … Continue reading New semester, new intern: Just getting started!

Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

As the semester comes to its end, my time at Wise ASSC as an intern, and my enrolment as a La Trobe student, does too.  Amongst the workload of final assessments, the madness of global events, and writing up a dissertation proposal for my home university, I’ve barely had a chance to realise that my exchange experience is pretty much done. It’s definitely not how … Continue reading Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

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Moderating Your Media Intake

Social media and the news has been particularly intense over the last few months. Of course, daily national or international news can be overwhelming in general, but since the pandemic and the recent Civil Rights movement, media has been quite consuming. At the beginning of a series of global lockdowns, a British news channel advised viewers to be wary of how much time you spend … Continue reading Moderating Your Media Intake

Ramadan in Isolation!

Our guest blogger, Kaif Ul Wara, studying Bachelor of Criminology/ Bachelor of Laws, shares her experience of Ramadan during COVID-19. Since I was a little girl, I have known to observe Ramadan with  friends and extended family. My favourite memories are of hosting and attending Iftar dinners with family and going to mosques. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Everything I ever knew or did to observe … Continue reading Ramadan in Isolation!

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“Where’s My Motivation?” It’s there, it just needs a guiding light

I don’t know about you guys, but lockdown is starting to become slightly tedious. But, I’ve somehow managed to get things done and keep the motivation to do so. If you’re struggling to find a way to be productive, I’m here to share how I’m keeping busy when all the days are blurring into one. A few posts ago I wrote a post with how … Continue reading “Where’s My Motivation?” It’s there, it just needs a guiding light

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Lisa’s Guide to Essay Writing

Essays, the bane of every student’s existence, whether you’ve written one, ten or a hundred, they can be quite the pain. Just be glad we don’t have to use typewriters! But don’t worry! I’m here to offer some helpful tips to get you through the essay…or at least start it. As a literature student, I’ve written a fair share of students. Although the last time … Continue reading Lisa’s Guide to Essay Writing