Getting ready for Assignments!

You may be wondering if it’s a little early in the semester to be thinking about assignments? Well my answer is absolutely not! The sooner you start thinking about your assignments, the less stressed you’ll be when it’s time to start them, and the more organised you’ll be when that one week inevitably comes that has 3 assignments due within 4 days of each other. Did … Continue reading Getting ready for Assignments!

Welcome to life at uni!

A new semester, new students: welcome back to life at uni! For a lot of people, university is the first step into independent, adult life. This can be a little scary; suddenly you’re responsible for your own decisions and you have to be organised enough to know what is happening, when it’s happening, and what you must do to be on top of things! Have no fear though; … Continue reading Welcome to life at uni!

Winning in Creative Arts

Wise ASSC recently caught up with the winner of our Semester 1 subscriber competition – Zoya Marakova! Zoya is in her first year of Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) at Bendigo Campus, where her course also includes a Art History Minor. Zoya is a fantastic artist, and has been painting and selling her paintings and prints for a few years now. She chose her … Continue reading Winning in Creative Arts

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Exams, Assignments, Final Deadlines: Lisa’s Guide to Managing It All!

The end of the semester approaches, and I’m sure we’re all inundated with exams and final deadlines,  which for some reason seem to all collide into one gigantic ball of…well, stress. Even though it’s something we’re used to as the cycle makes its rounds, on schedule, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I’ve personally got eight separate deadlines due over the next three weeks, so … Continue reading Exams, Assignments, Final Deadlines: Lisa’s Guide to Managing It All!

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Lisa’s Guide to Essay Writing

Essays, the bane of every student’s existence, whether you’ve written one, ten or a hundred, they can be quite the pain. Just be glad we don’t have to use typewriters! But don’t worry! I’m here to offer some helpful tips to get you through the essay…or at least start it. As a literature student, I’ve written a fair share of students. Although the last time … Continue reading Lisa’s Guide to Essay Writing

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Battling Boredom – Tips and Tricks in Isolation

“I’m bored!” – how many times have you said that since social distancing and self-isolation started? Well, this is one thing I take a strange pride in and has come in very useful during this time. I am very good at finding things to do and staying busy. Sometimes it comes in a bit of a nuisance when it’s not necessary for me to do … Continue reading Battling Boredom – Tips and Tricks in Isolation

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Far Apart, but Still Connected

Students across the globe are all too aware of the current situation, and many of us are completing studies online. But how are we finding it? I can’t speak for the entirety of the student population, but I can certainly share how I feel about the situation, and share some advice on how I’m managing with the workload whilst balancing it out with other activities. … Continue reading Far Apart, but Still Connected

Do you know #how2uni?

Semester 1 is here and we have your back with the awesome #How2uni workshops on time management, understanding your assessments, writing for success, knowing your support services and health & wellbeing. Workshops will be held online via Zoom for all students to attend for the following sessions. Monday 16 March, 12pm- 1pm: Get organised for semester Wednesday 25 March, 12pm- 1pm: Understanding assessments Tuesday 31 March, … Continue reading Do you know #how2uni?

Kicking goals as a subscriber: our competition winner celebrates end of first semester

We are pleased to introduce the winner of the Wise ASSC subscriber competition for Semester 2, Farid Farahani! Wise ASSC caught up with Farid at City campus to find out about his journey at La Trobe so far. Farid was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was the winner of a prepaid Mastercard in our subscriber competition, especially as he has only just finished his … Continue reading Kicking goals as a subscriber: our competition winner celebrates end of first semester

How to make your summer holidays count!

I know, I know. I know that you’ve been hanging out for the holiday period so you DON’T have to do anything uni related. I know how hard you’ve worked, and how long you’ve been waiting for a well deserved holiday- AWAY from the library! The holiday period is meant to be a relaxing time, a time to re-group and enjoy that well-earned break. Although, … Continue reading How to make your summer holidays count!