LTSU services at City campus

If you are a student at our City campus, you will be pleased to know that La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) is available to make your uni experience even better. The LTSU provides a whole range of support, including financial counselling, advocacy, fun student activities, clubs– and free diaries and wall planners! And becoming a union member is super easy! For semester 1, Financial Counselling … Continue reading LTSU services at City campus

Buy Nothing New Month in October

If we were all painfully honest with ourselves, we could admit that we don’t necessarily NEED each and everything that we purchase. For some, it’s a habit, and for others it’s an essential part of living. But have you ever stopped to consider where our ‘stuff’ comes from and where it goes when we’re done using it? It is not uncommon that we see our … Continue reading Buy Nothing New Month in October


It’s okay not to be okay. And the truth is, sometimes we aren’t. Thursday the 12th of September 2019 is R U OK? day. This is a national day of action that is dedicated to reminding everyone to ask their friends, family and strangers, “Are you OK?” It is important to remember that every day of the year people may need your support struggling with … Continue reading R U OK? DAY

Census Date: how it all works

Sometimes, we come across a subject that just isn’t quite right, and making the decision to give a subject the flick can be tricky. In this post, we are here to help you in making that decision just in time for the census date! The census date is fast approaching, but there is no need to stress. We are here to break down the basics for … Continue reading Census Date: how it all works

Academic support: who to ask, where to go

There comes a time when we all need some assistance. For me personally, not knowing where to turn or who to turn to is the most difficult part. Below are some of the academic sources and alternatives that you can use to make your time at La Trobe much smoother. ASK LA TROBE ASK La Trobe is a student help service that is available online … Continue reading Academic support: who to ask, where to go

Workshops to boost your success this semester!

This semester, we have loads of workshops to help kickstart your studies and see you set for success! Check out the workshops and dates below. Zoom links available for students at regional campuses. #HowtoUni, Wednesday 31 July, 12pm-1pm, City campus, room 3.09, Zoom: #HowtoUni, Wednesday 7 August, 2pm-3pm, Bundoora campus, Donald Whitehead 118, Zoom: #HowtoStudy, Thursday 22 August, 12pm-1pm, Bundoora campus, Library Seminar … Continue reading Workshops to boost your success this semester!

A Day In The Life: staying motivated

It’s that time of year, it’s cold, you’re tired and the university break seemed to have flown by. After a well deserved break, hopefully you’ve had some time to think about the upcoming semester. If you’re anything like me, sometimes, it’s hard to keep your motivation going and your overall morale begins to slide. University is a marathon, not a sprint, so it is inevitable … Continue reading A Day In The Life: staying motivated

The Patch

Aside from our high level of education, diversity and inclusivity at La Trobe, we are also renowned for our abundance of greenery and outdoor space. Another addition to the sustainability program is the Community Garden- The Patch. Located at the Bundoora, Albury/Wodonga and Bendigo campuses, this is another way La Trobe aims to reduce the impact on the environment. Half way through it’s 11th year … Continue reading The Patch