7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 2/3/4

Leandro Lumanog continues his study abroad journey. You don’t realise how much time flies until you’ve experienced studying abroad for the first time. Somehow at the same time, it feels like an eternity. So many experiences with friends that’ll seem like life-long connections. A sense of child-like wonder fills you up every time you experience something new, which is an everyday occurrence. Living in Korea, … Continue reading 7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 2/3/4

My University Experience (Part Two)

Tegan Azar continues her uni experience reflection. Transition to Uni. From a young age I loved learning. If I was sick and had to miss a day off school I would be so upset.  When I got to high school I still enjoyed it thoroughly however distractions became very real. An introduction to social groups, beginning of mobile phones and social media and of course … Continue reading My University Experience (Part Two)

One Step Ahead: Non-Study Period Support

Whilst the semester may have just ended, make sure you are ready for semester 2 with the One-Step Ahead program. If you feel your academic research and writing skills aren’t where they should be and want to get some assistance on how to improve, come along to the program on your campus during the break. If you would like to attend, follow the link below … Continue reading One Step Ahead: Non-Study Period Support

Study Abroad: 7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 1/2

Leandro Lumanog takes us through the first part of his study abroad journey in South Korea My study abroad experience seemed like a distant dream until a couple months ago. I had never quite imagined the possibility of such an experience being within reach and at a surprisingly accessible grasp. Speaking from my own experience and the resources of my university, I can sum up … Continue reading Study Abroad: 7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 1/2

Great Expectations In The City

Written by  Mohsin Khawaja  Sheila landed at the Melbourne Airport a few weeks prior to Semester 2 at La Trobe University to join her Master’s program. She had set out from India after completing her undergraduate studies. Her university in India had a small campus with a five level building, one elevator, a reasonably sized playground with abundant greenery and a standardized college bus for commute. … Continue reading Great Expectations In The City