Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

As the semester comes to its end, my time at Wise ASSC as an intern, and my enrolment as a La Trobe student, does too.  Amongst the workload of final assessments, the madness of global events, and writing up a dissertation proposal for my home university, I’ve barely had a chance to realise that my exchange experience is pretty much done. It’s definitely not how … Continue reading Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

7000 Kilometers to South Korea – Week 6/6

Leandro Lumanog takes us through his final part of his study abroad journey. The last few weeks of the exchange came like a freight train. My friends and I would constantly joke about how much time we had left every now and then, but we were all worried and down about the countdown that loomed over us. Yet despite knowing our limited time left on … Continue reading 7000 Kilometers to South Korea – Week 6/6