Buy Nothing New Month in October

If we were all painfully honest with ourselves, we could admit that we don’t necessarily NEED each and everything that we purchase. For some, it’s a habit, and for others it’s an essential part of living. But have you ever stopped to consider where our ‘stuff’ comes from and where it goes when we’re done using it? It is not uncommon that we see our … Continue reading Buy Nothing New Month in October

La Trobe’s Bike Share Program

Here at La Trobe, we are one of the most sustainable and inclusive universities– and here’s another reason why! As part of La Trobe’s sustainability program, we are encouraging the use of environmentally friendly transportation. As a major practise of La Trobe, building a Future Ready Strategy is critical in supporting one of the biggest global issues of today. Our free Bike Share Program is … Continue reading La Trobe’s Bike Share Program