Careers Showcase

Thinking about applying for an internship or ready to apply for graduate roles?   Then this is the event for you!   Even though semester has just kicked off, it’s never too early to start actively looking at making new connections in your industry. We all know that time just seems to get away once the semester really gets going, so why not make a start on your career options now.  Next week the … Continue reading Careers Showcase

An Insider’s Guide to Graduation

End of December means we are celebrating the last round of graduations for the year. Master of Marketing student, Alvaro Fuentes, gives the Wise ASSC blog a behind-the-scenes look at the excitement of graduation day. It’s 6am, the sky is still dark.   It’s quite difficult to rise early during semester break. However, today is a special day for some students and I’m invited to the party. It’s been one year since I started as … Continue reading An Insider’s Guide to Graduation

My University Experience (Part Three)

Tegan Azar continues on with her uni experience. Undergrad and Post Grad My undergrad degree was filled with so much learning and experiences across the whole arts faculty. Due to being in an arts degree I had the opportunity to do classes not just in Journalism but Legal Studies, Politics and even Philosophy. Whilst the Journalism classes were always my favourite, I enjoyed the fact … Continue reading My University Experience (Part Three)