Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

As the semester comes to its end, my time at Wise ASSC as an intern, and my enrolment as a La Trobe student, does too.  Amongst the workload of final assessments, the madness of global events, and writing up a dissertation proposal for my home university, I’ve barely had a chance to realise that my exchange experience is pretty much done. It’s definitely not how … Continue reading Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Interview with our Competition Winner!

We asked Jack Spremic, Winner of the ASSC College Orientation Competition, about his course, orientation, and how he’s finding life at La Trobe – online! Jack studies a Bachelor Degree in Commerce. Businesses courses are so popular, so we asked Jack, why? And he told us that he’s “really interested in business” and that a “broad course such as commerce” was a gateway into figuring out exactly what … Continue reading Interview with our Competition Winner!