Meet Your Head of School: Jane Hamilton

Our meet your Head of Schools series continues with Jane Hamilton. Meet Jane Hamilton, the Head of the School of Business While being the Head of a School can be a very demanding and busy job, Jane Hamilton is always ensuring the student experience at La Trobe University is their main goal as the students are at the heart of the campus. “That’s the ultimate … Continue reading Meet Your Head of School: Jane Hamilton The new way of learning is a new way of learning online, no matter what your interests are. Are you looking for something new and different to do over your summer break, but don’t want to break the bank? Well, then you should try your hand at free online course on You don’t get much for free these days. However, La Trobe University is offering students free access … Continue reading The new way of learning

R U Ok Day: Told by the Psych Society

La Trobe University’s very own Psych Society tells us about the concept of R U Ok Day and to remind ourselves to always ask our peers if they are simply okay. Let’s Talk About Mental Health. Unnervingly, the rate of suicide has increased over the last decade.  According to Lifeline, the overall suicide rate in 2015 was 12.6 per 100,000 in Australia.  The Australian Bureau … Continue reading R U Ok Day: Told by the Psych Society

Welcome back to semester two

Jessica Micallef begins her time interning at the Wise ASSC blog. With the all too familiar sound of our alarm clocks at 6am, the immediate need for coffee to wake us up, and the horrendous morning peak hour traffic, we are forced back into reality. And that reality is semester two. While we have survived the dreaded first week back of semester two with get … Continue reading Welcome back to semester two

7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 5/6

Leandro Lumanog takes us through the next part of his Study Abroad journey. A large part of a student exchange is the student element. After spending an established amount of time in another country, studying and involving yourself into the culture and education system – you begin to develop a sense of familiarity. I found that the Korean curriculum is extremely different to the Australian … Continue reading 7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 5/6

My University Experience (Part Three)

Tegan Azar continues on with her uni experience. Undergrad and Post Grad My undergrad degree was filled with so much learning and experiences across the whole arts faculty. Due to being in an arts degree I had the opportunity to do classes not just in Journalism but Legal Studies, Politics and even Philosophy. Whilst the Journalism classes were always my favourite, I enjoyed the fact … Continue reading My University Experience (Part Three)

7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 2/3/4

Leandro Lumanog continues his study abroad journey. You don’t realise how much time flies until you’ve experienced studying abroad for the first time. Somehow at the same time, it feels like an eternity. So many experiences with friends that’ll seem like life-long connections. A sense of child-like wonder fills you up every time you experience something new, which is an everyday occurrence. Living in Korea, … Continue reading 7000 Kilometres to South Korea – Week 2/3/4

My University Experience (Part Two)

Tegan Azar continues her uni experience reflection. Transition to Uni. From a young age I loved learning. If I was sick and had to miss a day off school I would be so upset.  When I got to high school I still enjoyed it thoroughly however distractions became very real. An introduction to social groups, beginning of mobile phones and social media and of course … Continue reading My University Experience (Part Two)