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Battling Boredom – Tips and Tricks in Isolation

“I’m bored!” – how many times have you said that since social distancing and self-isolation started? Well, this is one thing I take a strange pride in and has come in very useful during this time. I am very good at finding things to do and staying busy. Sometimes it comes in a bit of a nuisance when it’s not necessary for me to do … Continue reading Battling Boredom – Tips and Tricks in Isolation

Better Your Grades Workshop

For many people, time management skills don’t come quite as easy as it does for others. Sometimes, finding the right and most useful way to study can be a challenge and therefore, leading to unwanted stress. Having these key skills is vital, especially throughout your university degree. But would we need these skills once we graduate and start working? The answer is yes. Once we … Continue reading Better Your Grades Workshop