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Exams, Assignments, Final Deadlines: Lisa’s Guide to Managing It All!

The end of the semester approaches, and I’m sure we’re all inundated with exams and final deadlines,  which for some reason seem to all collide into one gigantic ball of…well, stress. Even though it’s something we’re used to as the cycle makes its rounds, on schedule, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I’ve personally got eight separate deadlines due over the next three weeks, so … Continue reading Exams, Assignments, Final Deadlines: Lisa’s Guide to Managing It All!

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Far Apart, but Still Connected

Students across the globe are all too aware of the current situation, and many of us are completing studies online. But how are we finding it? I can’t speak for the entirety of the student population, but I can certainly share how I feel about the situation, and share some advice on how I’m managing with the workload whilst balancing it out with other activities. … Continue reading Far Apart, but Still Connected

Study Success: Preparing For Final Assessments

With only five more weeks left until the end of semester one, those due dates are starting to roll in. For some students, the end of semester can be an intense time, so why not get a little extra help. Whether this is your first semester or you’re a seasoned professional at handing in those assessments. It never hurts to learn new tips and tricks … Continue reading Study Success: Preparing For Final Assessments

Surviving Group Work

Group work.  The two words that often spark fear in students’ minds.   Like everything else, it’s that one bad experience that leaves you haunted forever.  However, there are ways of making the most out of your group assignment. Your group members are after all, connections in your industry.  It’s also one of the best ways to demonstrate to future employers that you have the skills to work with an assortment of different … Continue reading Surviving Group Work

Study Success

The transition from high school to university can be difficult. So many things are different, and I know that I had certainly developed some bad study habits that didn’t work when I first got to university. If I had attended the student success workshops earlier in my studies, I would have saved myself a lot of stress and had more time to be with friends.    With the upcoming … Continue reading Study Success