Write For Us

Wise ASSC is a La Trobe University publication that is centred around all aspects of university life. For this reason, we only accept pieces from current or past La Trobe University students.

We accept all forms of original, unpublished written pieces. This means it has not been featured on any other publications including your own blog, social media or website.

Submissions can be fiction, non-fiction, comedic pieces, opinion pieces, advice, interviews, poetry or any body of work created by La Trobe students. 

Each piece should be 300 – 600 words. Exceptions will be made, depending on the type of piece you have submitted.


If you have any questions or would like to submit your work, please email us at wiseassc@gmail.com

Please follow the template below when you are submitting your written piece/s.

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE:  Full Name – Title of Piece
EMAIL: Your email must include a brief, clear summary of your work that explains how your submission is the perfect fit for our blog.
TITLE: Write a strong title that will catch the reader’s attention.
EXCERPT: Write a brief, catchy description of your work in 25 words or less.
PIECE: You can include your full draft below your summary in the email, attach it as a word/PDF document or provide a link to a viewable Google document.
AUTHOR DESCRIPTION: Write a brief, creative description of yourself. This is optional but you can also include 1-2 of your social media handles.
E.g. Ted Mullins is a third-year creative arts student at La Trobe University. He enjoys kayaking and chocolate chip ice-cream in his free time. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at (insert social media handle)..


As we are representing La Trobe University, there are certain guidelines pertaining to written work that we are required to follow as stated here: https://asscstudent.blogs.latrobe.edu.au/la-trobe-disclaimer/