Ending Chapters, New Beginnings

Graduating in May this year, Eleanor is looking forward to putting her Bachelor of Media and Communications to use and exploring her options as the year begins to progress. She has come to the end of her time here at the Wise ASSC student blog. My experience at La Trobe University over the last three years would be similar but also different to many of … Continue reading Ending Chapters, New Beginnings

Regional Student Stories: Bendigo

Jayden, who is originally from Richmond Hill in Canada, is currently a student at La Trobe University in Bendigo, studying a Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning. Jayden has lived in Australia for 16 years and hasn’t looked back. Enrolling at La Trobe in Bendigo was definitely the best choice for him, as it was close to his home and job in Bendigo. Studying a … Continue reading Regional Student Stories: Bendigo

The Jaffy’s Guide to University

One of the most important concepts that you will learn about during your first weeks of university is that of the Jaffy. If you don’t know what a Jaffy is, you probably are one. The word Jaffy is both a pejorative and affectionate term for students who are in their first year of university. Like so many brilliant Australianisms, it’s an acronym. It’s short for … Continue reading The Jaffy’s Guide to University

Workshop: Better Your Grades!

Although appearing to be a stressed, sleep-deprived, coffee-addicted ball of angst seems to be in vogue for university students, it actually isn’t mandatory. There is an alternative. Across February and March, La Trobe University is lending a helping hand to all its frazzled and frantic students. Workshops that provide practical tips about studying effectively, managing your time, taking notes and using university services are here … Continue reading Workshop: Better Your Grades!

Meet the ASSC Pro Vice-Chancellor: Simon Evans

Ellen O’Brien interviews Simon Evans, the new Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of ASSC. While students are busy learning new things, feeding their curiosity, working on assignments and making friends, it’s easy to forget all the hard work that staff from across the university put into making the university experience the best it can be. Last week, Professor Simon Evans, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the ASSC College, joined us to discuss his hopes for La Trobe University, … Continue reading Meet the ASSC Pro Vice-Chancellor: Simon Evans

From Clubs and Societies to LTSU President

Abood Shehada, studying a Bachelor of Accounting, is starting the new year as President of the La Trobe Student Union. Abood is going to be the new face of the La Trobe Student Union in 2019, and the Wise ASSC blog had the privilege of speaking to him about his personal experience with the Student Union and how it has transpired into him becoming President. … Continue reading From Clubs and Societies to LTSU President

Regional Student Stories: Mildura

Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts majoring in a double degree of English and Sociology, Greg Bartlett is based in Mildura and has shared what his student experience has been like studying in regional Victoria. Greg has been living in Mildura for the past nine years, and after developing a spinal condition from his work in the structural steel fabrication field, he decided that University … Continue reading Regional Student Stories: Mildura