In the End, You’ll Be Fine by Kartik Sood

Well, hello there. This is my first attempt of putting down what I feel on the paper, so here it goes.

What comes to your mind when you think about studying abroad: A new far away land; new people; a change of cultures and lifestyle; opportunities; growth and success? Sometime, in middle of all this we tend to forget the emotional and the mental turmoil we go through when we are away from our loved ones. Of course, we will meet new people but will they be enough to fill the space and void that being away from our family creates? Who knows…

This happened to me when I came to study in Australia in the fall of July 2016. Until the time, I boarded the plane from my country it all was exciting and amusing. ‘I’ll be studying in Australia’, I thought in my head, and my future success depended on how well I did in the next two years.



But, what I did not think then was that life is not exactly like a balance sheet (though many people feel so, as far as my opinion goes, it isn’t). It is not about the quantity but about the quality. And this thought hit me during my journey when the screen on the seat in front of you shows the miles you have travelled. It was then I realised that there is no going back now, in a matter of some hours I’ll be all alone in a faraway land handling everything on my own. It was very scary.

I came to the new country, settled in my home, cried, missed my family and friends, did not like the new strange air, cried again. At that very moment, the thought that crossed my mind was to leave, go back, that this opportunity was not worth being away from my friends and family. Then, somewhere in a teeny tiny part of my head I felt – well it is a matter of 2 years, why not just take one step at a time, give it some time, perhaps 10 days, 4 weeks, 2 months or a semester.

And boy, oh boy the path you choose does matter. I am not saying that if you go back that would be going easy on your part and why can’t we go easy? Why do we always have to take the hard paths? Life is not that hard and rough, it is just how we see it.

As far as I am concerned, I chose to stay. I decided to give my study abroad a month to try it out and the next thing I knew semester one was over and I was flying back home in the next 10 days.

That one tiny thought changed the course of my life completely. Now here I am about to begin my third semester and preparing myself for all the opportunities that lie ahead of this.

Being my first attempt at this, I wouldn’t make it long but would just sum it up,
“In your life you do take some decisions hastily and they might be life changing for you but before going back on what you decided and trying to undo it, give it a try, a day, an hour, a minute because in the end You’ll be fine”.