The Pros and Cons of Working Whilst Studying

Today’s installment is about the pros and cons of working while studying. For the record, I am a big supporter of working while studying but I will attempt give the most unbiased evaluation as possible.

I have lots of friends that live out of home and have lots of bills to pay. For these students, working isn’t really an option, it’s a necessity. But, what if you’re just an average Jo like me? (pun intended) I only pay for my phone bill and costs of running my car. My parents are happy to support me until I finish my undergraduate course, or until I drive them mental, whichever comes first. I know a many students are in this position and I’ve had a job since I was 15 so, it didn’t occur to me until recently that a lot of undergraduate students don’t work.

There are definitely pros and cons of working whilst pursuing my studies. Some of them include:


Money | Referring specifically to a disposable income for fun stuff like parties and spoiling yourself.

Flexibility & Independence |  You can do what you want, when you want without having to ask the parental units for cashola. 

Savings | It’s a great idea to get into good money-saving habits at a young age. So, when something comes up, like a holiday or a great little car, it’s yours!

Build Your Resume | Experience in the workforce is incredibly valuable when searching for a full-time job later in life. 

Hands-On Experience | This is especially valuable if you want a career in the future that is related to your current job.  

Appreciation For The ‘Real World’ | Working may change your perspective on life and may cause you to re-evaluate some things. For example, when I started working I had a greater appreciation for my parents and how hard they must work to support their family. 


Limited Time & Flexibility | You can’t always guarantee your days, weekends and nights will be free for volunteering, socialising and fun trips. 

Less Time for University Work | Sometimes, it can feel like your job is taking over your life and it may be difficult to maintain a healthy balance. In addition, you may have clashing schedules that prevents you from attending all your classes. 

It can be tricky to co-ordinate work and university, or even more difficult to get a first job. Thankfully, La Trobe has some great services you can turn to if you’re struggling in either of these areas such as Career Ready. This is a service La Trobe offers to students for free (YES FREE!). You can book a time or drop-in for help with resumes, cover letters, interviews and even creating a study timetable.

Read about Career Ready here:

Jo Rattray-Wood is a travel enthusiast and a lover of all things dog related. Currently studying a Double Bachelor of Law/Psychological Science while trying to save money for future adventures. You can find her on Instagram @jorattraywood or Linkedin at