Feedback does pay off!

Did you know that La Trobe University has a feedback button? If your answer is yes, that’s one point to you. But do you know where the button is located? If your answer is yes, then you have outsmarted us all.

La Trobe’s feedback button, carefully located on the university’s website home page on the right hand side is not just there for looks or to fill up space on the page. The button is there for you, that’s right you, fellow La Trobe students.

But it’s not just for students. Lecturers, subject coordinators, the barista at Bachelor of Coffee, even the university’s gardener all have the opportunity to use the feedback button.

The feedback button is there for compliments, issues and, of course, any suggestions you have regarding the university.

After being introduced last year, a total of 1,275 compliments have been made, including 1,415 feedback items submitted.

Big or small, we want to hear your comments. Whether you have an issue with a class, or your lecturer just gave a thrilling presentation, or even if your barista from the Bachelor of Coffee serves you the best latte ever and you want to give them a compliment, well this is the button for you.

All you have to do is state whether you are sending through a compliment, issue, or suggestion, write your feedback and let La Trobe know if you would like to hear back from them. It’s that easy.

And the university does appreciate your feedback and they do listen. La Trobe prides itself on following through on enquiries. A nice heart goes a long way and you can get rewarded at La Trobe’s very own Customer Service Champion Awards.

La Trobe student Tejinder won her very own Customer Service Champion Awards and has spoken about her experience at the awards ceremony and what led to her receiving the award:

Sometimes even a wrong decision takes you on the right path.

I started my journey with La Trobe in February 2017 as a student of Master of Management discipline, at the city campus. Back in my home country, I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the city and Bundoora campuses of La Trobe are quite far, and thus, booked accommodation at University Lodge Bundoora. Nevertheless, I knew this mistake would give me joy and recognition of a lifetime.

I started spending my free time at the Bundoora campus and would do occasional volunteering work, just to feel a part of the campus and develop a good network. I never knew that I would be fortunate enough to get selected as operations staff and later connect leader, both of which are paid positions for the students who are selected to aid in orientation time, twice annually at Bundoora. Getting selected as an operations staff was enough of a big achievement but thanks to my mentors who noticed my efforts and promoted me to be a connect leader.

My happiness knew no bounds, when I received an email from the university stating that I had been nominated for the Customer Service Championship award, to be given by the Vice- Chancellor, Vice- President and Program Director at the university. On 15th of August, I was invited along with other fellow La Trobians that included mostly staff, as well as some students to receive the award. It feels great to wear the awarded badge and distinguished lanyard, for making a positive difference at our university.

The ceremony started with a welcome speech from the program director and the process of awards began. It was a wonderful sight and an amazing experience, something which I can never forget. How often do we work and our work gets unnoticed or the credit is taken by someone else? I have faced this quite a lot in my professional life. However, this time was different. I am so happy to have made this decision to study at La Trobe and stay at their accommodation.

If you are interested in further information about La Trobe’s commitment to Customer Service excellence, see the Customer Service Charter.

Tejiner Bali is a Master of Management student at La Trobe University. She is a nature lover and loves to roam around when free. She is a shopping buff, enjoys spending time with children and is a part-time tutor. You can follow her on Linkedin at Tejinder Bali and on Facebook at Teji Bali