Intern at the Wise ASSC blog

We are looking for a new intern to join us as the Student Editor of the Wise ASSC blog for semester one 2019! Check out what Jessica had to say about her experience interning for the blog during semester two.

As my time at university comes to an end, so does my internship here at the Wise ASSC Blog. The 12 weeks that I interned here was very engaging and also different to the type of journalism that I am used to.

Writing for the blog gave me creative freedom, as I didn’t have to stick to the hard core journalism rules of the inverted pyramid. Yes I did need to make sure my writing made sense, I used proper grammar and that what I wanted the readers to know was conveyed clearly through my words, but I had no strict rules that if I broke I would be in trouble.

Over the twelve weeks I interned here, I conducted interviews with fellow students and teachers – which is a handy skill to get comfortable with especially if you are wanting to pursue a career in journalism. I was able to attend a Student Advisory Group meeting (did I mention there was free pizza at this meeting!!) and meet new people including Jade and Daena who are such a pleasure to work beside. I also got the chance to brush up on my blog writing skills – a more casual and conversational form of writing that you might not necessarily get to do in your classes.

The work environment of this internship is very laid back and easy going. But at the same time, there are always stories to write or interviews to be conducted so having a really relaxing work environment with friendly people around you makes the work a lot easier to complete.

Being the student editor of the blog, you have a great sense of responsibility. You are put in charge of writing stories and thinking of content to develop over the next few months while you are completing this internship.  Plus, the internship is based at the La Trobe Bundoora campus so a very easy commute if you are already making the trip for classes.

During this internship, I was also able to discover what goes on behind our university walls from what the Head of Schools are in charge of to being a student representative at a few TELMG meetings which made me step out of my comfort zone.

So if you are interested in blog writing and journalism, I recommend this amazing internship for you. This is a great opportunity to get your work easily published and to be part of a great team that is dedicated to making the Wise ASSC Blog bigger and better.

Check out the link for the details on this awesome internship.