The new way of learning is a new way of learning online, no matter what your interests are.

Are you looking for something new and different to do over your summer break, but don’t want to break the bank? Well, then you should try your hand at free online course on

You don’t get much for free these days. However, La Trobe University is offering students free access to online courses on All you need is your student ID so you can avoid those pesky monthly subscriptions fees.

But what is you ask?

Well, have you ever wanted to learn a new skill outside of your degree? Or just simply brush up on your basic skills? has a range of online courses that are designed to personalise your learning. It is an online library that contains thousands of high quality, current and engaging video tutorials to help you develop the latest business, software and creative skills. New courses are added weekly and can keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.


While there are you traditional courses that range from software development, design, business, photography, writing and web development, there are also some quirky courses like email marketing, leadership, typography and live performances. There’s even a course on the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

I was able to complete a course and being a journalism student, I decided to complete the writing articles course. Going into this web based learning, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I am used to a lecturer, with PowerPoint slides and activities to later follow in the tutorial.

The course consisted of a series of short videos that spoke about the fundamentals of what an article is and the different types of articles. So the beginning part of the course was a refresher for myself. As the course went on, it started to address the importance of how to pitch correctly to editors to gain employment.

While I completed the course, I liked how it touched on employment and how to be successful in gaining employment. I find that in my course, we don’t touch on it as much as we should, considering we go to university to get employed in a certain field of our choice.

Personally, the main thing that I took from the hour long course was how to successfully pitch to editors, the best way to write and structure that pitch, but also, useful tricks that will come in handy when working with editors. And considering I am in my third and final year of studying, I most definitely want to be successful in pitching to possible future editors.

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