La Trobe’s Hidden Gems: Trendall Walk

We all need a little time out from the hustle and bustle of uni life.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the work/life balance and make time to reflect, relax and chat with those around us.

That’s why the La Trobe’s Hidden Gems series will show you little pieces of La Trobe that you may not know about.  From events and opportunities happening on campus, to study places (for those days you can’t find a spot in the library). This series will hopefully help you find somewhere to get away from it all.  

The first gem I want to tell you about is Trendall Walk. 

With entrances near Glenn College and at the beginning of Moat Drive, this one can be easy to miss.

This short track takes roughly 15 minutes to complete and passes through the Moat Ampitheatre, which can be seen as its centerpiece and provides amazing views of the moat that surrounds it.

Covered by trees and following alongside the moat, this is a place of serenity. As an added bonus, wildlife can sometimes be found alongside the track and on the moat itself.

A quiet and somewhat secluded place, Trendall walk is one of La Trobe’s many gems.

If you know any gems you think people should know about on your campus, let us know by emailing !