Internship reflections: Time Is Flying By

As Rhiannon reaches the end of her internship, she reflects on her time here at the Wise ASSC Blog and La Trobe.

The past eleven weeks have flown by, and I’m getting closer and closer to finishing my degree. With six months left, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake this internship.

The team at the blog have helped me develop my knowledge and skills, whilst also teaching me new ways to write and present media. I have been able to learn in a supportive and encouragement whilst completing my internship elective subject MAC3INT.

Over the past three years, I have been taught a wide variety of different multi-media techniques. Along with how a story can appear from something you do or see every day. I was able to integrate this into my internship project La Trobe’s Hidden Gems.

Through this project I found that by sharing these places and information, I was able to share parts of the Bundoora campus that students may not have heard of before. This also enabled me to think outside of the series of news stories I had been writing for assignments and write something different for students. 

This has encouraged me to work on writing on different topics that I normally wouldn’t have written about before. I have learnt to build more confidence in researching and writing things I didn’t fully understand before beginning the piece.

The confidence that I have gained from my internship, has left me feeling that I can do anything after graduation. I now have experience in pitching ideas to someone working in the communications industry. I have been able to identify which media techniques I need to work on. Plus, most importantly, how to develop different posts from a variety of different briefs.

I would encourage you all to get some form of work experience and learn as much as you can before you finish. They really are invaluable experiences.

Along with the discipline specific internship subjects is ASC3WPP, an all discipline, self-sourced internship subject. This means that you will be developing your job finding skills and complete your internship as part of the subject.

With support from the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) team and Career Ready, this is a great way to complete an internship. Taken as an elective, you could also use it to undertake a second internship, after completing your course specific subject.

To get an idea where you can look for an internship, the WIL team have opportunities available for ASC3WPPstudents.

Another great way to gain industry experience is to look into various organisations and see what they have on offer. Volunteer and casual opportunities can open many doors and making a start before you graduate is an excellent idea.

The Wise ASSC Blog is always open to guest posts. Whether you have a short story, poem, interview or article, you can write for us by emailing