Spider-Man Far from Home: yawn or worth the hype?

Our guest blogger, Claire Kearns, brings us this review of the latest instalment in the Marvel movies franchise. Claire has just finished a Graduate Certificate in International Relations, she loves the Star Wars Universe and
Marvel movies. You can follow her on Instagram

Warning: This review contains some major spoilers about the various Marvel movies – but if you are not up to speed: why aren’t you?!? & proceed reading with caution! 

We secured tickets weeks ago to the Opening Day of Spider-Man Far from Home… and it was worth the hype! Never having listed as my Marvel movie favourites any of the Spider-Man movies nor feeling anything bar mild relief when Tom Holland’s whiney, uncertain portrayal abruptly turned to dust in Avengers Infinity War – yes, I know, I know… I didn’t like Spider-Man…. But, come on, really, the best thing about Spider-Man Homecomingwas Zendaya’s sardonic & spirited portrayal of Peter Parker’s classmate M.J.

Going into the theatre, I had heard murmurings that this movie was going to follow on from where End Gameleft off and had been termed variously as “Avengers 4” or “Iron Man 4”. I disagree with the first nickname. Yes, you musthave seen at least the last two Avengers movies (Infinity Warand End Game). Unless you are a die-hard purist, most movies in the Marvel Universe canbe watched in any order. This really cannot be said of the latest Spider-Man offering. So, in some ways, Spider-Man Far from Homecould be a fourth part of the Avengers cycle, but it’s not. It moves beyond the Avengers. Almost all the characters from the Avengers films are missing, except for Nick Fury and Spider-Man himself. This story – whilst needing the back story of End Gameto work – is set apart for the Avengers cycle. Of the two nicknames I had heard from other reviews, “Iron Man 4” works much better. And that, my friends, is what we wanted, NEEDED after the harrowing emotional toll that was End Game’sapparent finality.

I felt that the least likely character to make me feel the loss of Robert Downey Jr’s ultra-quick wit was Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. It’s not that I hated him, it’s just that he was no Iron Man. He still isn’t. Robert Downey Jr. is irreplaceable and brought so much of himself to Iron Man. But after viewing Far from Home, I feel his [apparent] absence in the Marvel Universe just that little bit less.

Far from Homecontains brilliant (Melbourne made) tech, the overlaying screens and illusions that make me reminiscent of that feeling of awe watching the original Star Wars for the first time. Unlike End Game’s heavy reliance of special effects to the max (other than the hilarious Thor parts), there’s the same style of quips from the Iron Man movies. One of the best characters being Happy Hogan transporting himself seemingly permanently into the Spiderverse. 

Speaking of the Spiderverse: thankfully Far from Home is a dramatic departure from 2018’s Spider-Man into the Spiderverse. It’s also a movie I want to own on DVD, something that End Game never was. Where Far from Homeworks is that it is like the Captain America and Iron Man movies: you want to watch them all again. 

As Molly Meldrum would say, do yourself a favour and make it a part of your mid-year break!

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