Join the 2020 ASSC Student Advisory Group!

In 2019, the ASSC College Student Advisory Group (SAG) has been doing great things to make La Trobe a fantastic student focused university, and is looking for new students that would like to get involved in 2020.

The SAG is organised of students from within the ASSC College in the Schools of Business, Law, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Education. The group is facilitated by the College STAR team (Student Transition, Achievement and Retention) and works as a channel to convey direct feedback on student experience to Executive College and Academic Committees and other areas of the university. This ensures that the university can make changes to improve the experience of studying here.

SAG Bundoora members

In 2019, students in SAG brought feedback on issues such as timetabling, assessment, classroom experience, library and study spaces, and social engagement opportunities. There have been some great achievements that the group has been able to achieve this year across campuses. At City campus, this includes the inclusion of more social engagement events with a regular end of semester celebration and LTSU presence now permanently on campus. At Bendigo, provisions are being made for students to be able to charge their laptops at tables in the library. And at Bundoora, an Equity & Diversity room has been made available in the library.

SAG City campus members

Being part of the ASSC SAG is a great way to get more involved in your university experience, but also develop professional and personal skills. Students from 2019 have said:

“This group is just awesome, and it is an honour to be able to contribute to university life at a university level!”

“I have become more of an open person, whereas before I joined SAG I was a closed person and rather shy.”

But being part of SAG is not only about seeing another side of the university and developing skills, it’s also a great place to meet people where there are lots of opportunities to meet other students and network with people from across the university.

If you are studying a course in the School of Education, Business, Law or humanities & Social Sciences, then SAG is a great place to broaden your university experience. For 2020, students from all campuses are encouraged to join the ASSC SAG to bring their voice to improving the student experience.

For more information, check out information on the La Trobe website.

Or you can register directly here. We look forward to welcoming you to SAG!