Getting to know your clubs: the Criminology Students Society

Meeting new people can be tough sometimes, especially with current restrictions! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to some academic and social clubs/societies from around La Trobe. These clubs are a great way to make friends with people who are in a similar degree or have the same interests as you! Have a look into them and hopefully you can have fun, make a difference, and make some friends from home!

Today we are introducing the La Trobe Criminal Students Society (CSS). I spoke to Kristy Kassing, the current Secretary and IT Officer of the CSS.

Kristy describes the CSS as “a small team of current criminology students who aim to represent and support all criminology students at La Trobe.” As secretary, Kristy takes notes at meetings and helps organize events, and as IT Officer, she runs the CSS Facebook page.

All clubs and societies have had to adapt to the new conditions under Covid. When asked how the CSS have done this, Kristy says “by holding regular Peer Meetup sessions over Zoom, which are open to all criminology students. We have also planned Netflix Party movie nights, some are criminology themed, but all students are welcome to make suggestions for the films they want to see!” They also stay active on Facebook to remind students that they are available to provide support. The CSS is hoping to organize an online games night in the near future, the perfect opportunity for new students to get involved!

Kristy says she joined the club for the “social experience and because I was interested in contributing some of my own ideas to the CSS. I was also curious about the kinds of opportunities that being a member might lead to. Joining the CSS has been a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience – something I definitely recommend!”

She also provided advice for new students “Join a club or society that interests you. Starting university can be very overwhelming, particularly if your course cohort is large. Joining a club or society allows you to socialize with like-minded people and make some new friends quite quickly. Keep up with class readings, and revise notes after lectures and seminars. Lastly, if you’re struggling in any way, know that you are not alone and that a variety of support services are available at La Trobe.”

To get involved with the CSS, you can visit their website, send them an email, or look up on Facebook at ‘La Trobe CSS’!