Getting to know your clubs: the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Society

This is our final installation in our series about the clubs and associations available at La Trobe. This week we find out about the Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) Society. Club Vice President Shilo Yitzhaki gave us an insight into what the PPE is all about.

“The PPE Society aims to engage any student who wishes to gain a more in-depth understanding in any or all of the PPE disciplines (politics, philosophy and economics) by way of casual discussion, debates, and academic and social activities,” says Shilo. They aim to “engage students in interdisciplinary discussions” in order to aid them in having “a greater academic understanding of each discipline individually, as well as a better understanding of the driving forces of societal change and the world around us.”

While the change to home learning took many by surprise, the PPE Society adapted quickly! They collaborated with The Patch, the society that cares for La Trobe’s community garden; “together we screened the environmental documentary ‘2040’. We also had a PPE oriented trivia session for our members which was really fun. But I think the biggest project we have been running is our webinar series ‘Navigating Ethics and Investments’. We have had industry professionals come speak to us about the different ways our ethics can better align with our investment decisions.”

For anyone interested in getting involved with the PPE Society, they have a Facebook group where “we have like-minded people discussing and debating ideas. Anyone interested in Politics, Philosophy or Economics will find this interesting”. The group is filled with current students, alumni and lecturers, and you can also find out about any upcoming events that the PPE Society is hosting!

Shilo joined the PPE Society because he “was enjoying studying the PPE degree and I wanted it to be more than just an academic endeavour; the PPE society offered an opportunity to engage with the material I was learning in my lectures in a social setting.”

This relates well to Shilo’s advice for students; “engage with what it is you’re doing. Speaking up in a zoom call can be very daunting, but turning on your camera, or leaving a thank you at the end of a class can go a long way.” Shilo also encourages students to make use of the abundance of resources and support available at La Trobe, “from essay help, career advice, emotional support, and anything in between. If you find you need it, it’s there to use!

So if you’ve been looking for some peeps who love to chat about the world at large from a political, philosophical and economical viewpoint, then check out the PPE Society today!