Shut Up and Study this Summer!

If you are studying this summer and don’t want to go it alone, come along to a Shut Up and Study session!

Using an approach of 25 minute study bursts with breaks for chat, this is a great way to stay connected through work and play 😉

Students that have joined us for previous sessions said:

I really enjoyed it! It helped me to break up my work and actually be more productive, which was great. Also, it was really great to chat to everyone on the call during the break and get a chance to communicate with people I hadn’t met before.”

I loved the session, got so much done and it was a good change from my normal – all alone study sessions hahaha.  And it was lovely meeting everyone.”

Over Summer, we have a timetable of Wednesday afternoon sessions that you can join by Zoom. So click on the links and add the sessions to your calendar. Before you know it, you’ll be smashing out those study deadlines and getting to know other students as well!

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