Starting uni in 2021:Meet some of our Orientation competition winners!

Orientation was an awesome week filled with information sessions, meeting new people and getting to know the university.

Some students were even lucky enough to win a $50 Coles Myer gift card from the ASSC Orientation Survey Competition! After congratulating them on their epic win, we asked these students a few questions about starting uni.

Meet some of our winners from the ASSC Orientation Survey Competition: Suruthii, Stella, and Phoenix!  

Suruthii is studying Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

Suruthii is studying Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts at the Bundoora campus, and believes that the knowledge of law is a powerful instrument in today’s society to “help serve disadvantaged populations and fight for social justice“.

Stella is studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus. When asked why she chose this course, Stella told us that she works as a teacher’s aide and “fell in love with teaching”.

Phoenix is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, with the hope of going on to do a teacher’s course! Phoenix plans “to become a legal studies/humanities teacher in secondary school once I’ve finished university at La Trobe.”

Stella is studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Our winners have felt a range of emotions about starting university this year. Stella says she has been feeling “a mixture of excitement and nerves”, returning to university after a few years away from study.  Suruthii says “I’ve met lots of lovely people and have been greatly enjoying the flexibility and independence of university life.”

Phoenix is a first-year student who has enjoyed the start to university! She says that whilst it’s sometimes tricky to find your way around campus “there are many maps…and signs that help direct you where you’re going.” Phoenix’s top tip is to use “an app called ‘Lost Campus’ that’s super useful to use if you’re really lost!”

Phoenix is studying a Bachelor of Arts

Coming back to university in 2021 obviously looks a little different to previous years. There are QR codes all around campus, lectures are online, some classes are in person and some you can do from home. Our learning experience at university has become very blended.

Phoenix says she has enjoyed “that some classes like lectures are all online, whilst other classes like workshops are in person. It gives you the opportunity to do some classes in the comfort of your home or dorm room, and the opportunity to do classes face to face as well.

Stella’s advice for students who are starting out at university, is to “put aside time in your week to really engage in your content, ask heaps of questions and enjoy the experience.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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