Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

As the semester comes to its end, my time at Wise ASSC as an intern, and my enrolment as a La Trobe student, does too.  Amongst the workload of final assessments, the madness of global events, and writing up a dissertation proposal for my home university, I’ve barely had a chance to realise that my exchange experience is pretty much done. It’s definitely not how … Continue reading Onto the Next: Goodbye, “Cheerio”!

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Life-Changing Books: Recommendations from Literature Lovers

As a lot of people have taken up reading during the lockdown, I’ve started to see requests for book recommendations. As an English Literature student, it’s hard to resist the temptation to jump in with a list of hundreds of books. So, to add to my choices, I called upon my fellow literature students and book lovers here in the UK to send me their … Continue reading Life-Changing Books: Recommendations from Literature Lovers

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Exams, Assignments, Final Deadlines: Lisa’s Guide to Managing It All!

The end of the semester approaches, and I’m sure we’re all inundated with exams and final deadlines,  which for some reason seem to all collide into one gigantic ball of…well, stress. Even though it’s something we’re used to as the cycle makes its rounds, on schedule, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I’ve personally got eight separate deadlines due over the next three weeks, so … Continue reading Exams, Assignments, Final Deadlines: Lisa’s Guide to Managing It All!

Ramadan in Isolation!

Our guest blogger, Kaif Ul Wara, studying Bachelor of Criminology/ Bachelor of Laws, shares her experience of Ramadan during COVID-19. Since I was a little girl, I have known to observe Ramadan with  friends and extended family. My favourite memories are of hosting and attending Iftar dinners with family and going to mosques. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Everything I ever knew or did to observe … Continue reading Ramadan in Isolation!

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Lisa’s Guide to Essay Writing

Essays, the bane of every student’s existence, whether you’ve written one, ten or a hundred, they can be quite the pain. Just be glad we don’t have to use typewriters! But don’t worry! I’m here to offer some helpful tips to get you through the essay…or at least start it. As a literature student, I’ve written a fair share of students. Although the last time … Continue reading Lisa’s Guide to Essay Writing

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Imagine: Unending Isolation, a Normality for some at University

Claire Kearns is a Masters of International Relations student and avid gardener, who has systematically binged her way through Star Trek from Kirk to Picard, to Janeway to Sisko, and now up to Archer, throughout her university studies. Her post talks about the student experience from an Equity standpoint.  Hey, so, it’s been a bit scary this COVID-19 crisis, yeah? The ‘Rona is everywhere and … Continue reading Imagine: Unending Isolation, a Normality for some at University

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Connected in More Ways Than One

It’s a strange time we’re living in, and that phrase is quickly sounding like a broken record. Yes, the Coronavirus pandemic has become…a bit of an issue, to put it nicely. Alongside this, governments across the world have advised on self-isolation, quarantines, and social distancing, which has caused waves of loneliness to flood the globe in individual houses. But there are ways to combat this! … Continue reading Connected in More Ways Than One

YOU’RE THE VOICE: Hitchener tells all

For her first instalment in the series, Stephanie had the opportunity to sit down over a coffee with popular household name, Peter Hitchener, at the Channel Nine studios in Melbourne. Mr Hitchener’s personal experiences and advice for students is simply inspiring – teaching us that all opportunities are a result of hard work. Lights, camera action. The clock strikes 6pm and the daily one-hour broadcast … Continue reading YOU’RE THE VOICE: Hitchener tells all