YOU’RE THE VOICE: Hitchener tells all

For her first instalment in the series, Stephanie had the opportunity to sit down over a coffee with popular household name, Peter Hitchener, at the Channel Nine studios in Melbourne. Mr Hitchener’s personal experiences and advice for students is simply inspiring – teaching us that all opportunities are a result of hard work. Lights, camera action. The clock strikes 6pm and the daily one-hour broadcast … Continue reading YOU’RE THE VOICE: Hitchener tells all

Bring on second year!

You’ve made it! You’ve completed your first year of university! After 24 long weeks of lectures, assignments and exams you’ve finally hit the holiday period. While it is almost time to sit back and relax and enjoy your summer, there is still some time to prepare yourself for second year. Welcome to the year 2020, oh, and congratulations, you’re no longer a ‘Jaffy’! Second year … Continue reading Bring on second year!

Surviving Group Work

Group work.  The two words that often spark fear in students’ minds.   Like everything else, it’s that one bad experience that leaves you haunted forever.  However, there are ways of making the most out of your group assignment. Your group members are after all, connections in your industry.  It’s also one of the best ways to demonstrate to future employers that you have the skills to work with an assortment of different … Continue reading Surviving Group Work

7000 Kilometers to South Korea – Week 6/6

Leandro Lumanog takes us through his final part of his study abroad journey. The last few weeks of the exchange came like a freight train. My friends and I would constantly joke about how much time we had left every now and then, but we were all worried and down about the countdown that loomed over us. Yet despite knowing our limited time left on … Continue reading 7000 Kilometers to South Korea – Week 6/6